The no-contract smartphone carrier
Ting Coupon

No More Long-Term Contracts

Ting is a no contract cell phone carrier and is new to the cell phone market and has a unique way of setting up a smartphone plan to their customers. It starts with a cell phone (most of them Android at this time) that is either refurbished for less than $100 or a brand new phone for about $200 or more depending on which model you want. Then go here to save $25 on your new smartphone. The other part they do is set you up with the lowest priced cell phone plans you can find anywhere starting at about $25 per month depending on your desired plan. You can also change that plan at any time in future if you decide you no longer need as much as you are paying for. And yes, you will still get a credit for any unused amount. How sweet is that!?

Ting has no overage penalties of any kind

Yep, that’s right! If you need more you just pay for it, no extra hidden fees or penalties involved at all. Even better, if you don’t use everything you paid for, Ting will credit you on your next monthly payment, with no contract of course.

Tethering and hotspots are always free.

There is no extra cost for this on any plan you choose. So this means you can “hook up” any other device to your cell phone’s 3G or 4G connection and use that as a wireless hotspot. Sweet!

Use several smartphones on one account.

Yes, you can use a phone with it’s own number that you maybe use on occasion or someone in your family needs as a “backup phone” or for emergencies etc. that you don’t need to setup with another separate plan. It costs just $6 per phone and you can log in online into your account to see each phone’s usage. Easy!



What we do is not just get you good offers but great deals on cell phones from Ting who we love because they don’t have any catches, no gimmicks regarding pricing that changes or confusing plans that keep you guessing. Take a look at the phone offers available but remember popular phones run out of stock quickly, especially the refurbished phones. Plans can start at just $25 and you can choose what you need more of; call time, texts or data. If you don’t use all you paid for, you will simply be credited back the amount you paid. Just go to their site through this link which will automatically activate your $25 off coupon.

With Ting you get an Android cell phone plan without contract and you are still only paying for what you use and no more. So if you actually pay more than what you have used Ting will actually credit your account for the following month. But remember to get your $25 off ting coupon here first on any cell phone you buy or you will pay the regular full price… The Ting coupon also applies to refurbished phones.

There are also no overage penalties. So if you go over, you just pay the standard rate.

Standard Overage Rate (no penalties)

One of our favorite features about Ting is this; you can have multiple phones (each with their own phone number) on one plan. It costs just $6 per device to add to your plan, that’s it.

Freebies at Ting currently include:

– picture/video messaging
– voicemail
– call forwarding
– three-way calling
– tethering
– hotspotting
– number porting (in or out)
– 4G speeds (device dependant)
– and, of course, account cancellation.

You can log into your account at any time and see your usage; minutes, texts and data. You will also be able to see your future usage and what is predicted your usage will be too.

The Ting tech support also has a “no hold” customer support system and they all “speak Android”, meaning any technical questions you have regarding your Android phone they can help you with. You will not get a response from Ting saying that is a support issue they do not cover. No sticking to scripted responses or pre-authorized responses. Get your $25 ting coupon for any cell phone.