Smartphones and Prices Compared Worldwide

Comparing prices, speeds and reliability on mobile carriers
Comparing prices on no contract cellphones and smartphones is one thing, but comparing them to carriers outside of the USA is a whole different story. It is also important to notice what the mobile subscriber is paying for in their cellphone plan. For example not all countries have a two year contract with their cellphone plans so a shorter contract term may seem more expensive but this may simply be due to the shorter contract.

In Denmark for example, contracts cannot be longer than 6 months whereas in the USA contracts are almost always for 2 years. Given the speed in which new phones are released, 2 years can seem like a long time to have to wait before being able to switch to a new smartphone or another carrier. Carriers such as Ting have no contracts at all, however this will result in the mobile phone subscriber paying retail or full price for the cellphone. In the short term the cost will be higher, but in the long term, the cost will be much lower as the monthly cellphone bill is much cheaper.

Ting has a nifty savings calculator available on their site to see how much can be saved the first year and onwards.

A quick search on the Internet reveals that not only price can be an indicator of value for money, but the service included and network speeds provided. South Korea and Japan seem to pop up on top amongst the fastest cellular networks in the world when performing a simple Internet search. One advantage they also have to providing cellular coverage for the entire country is that their populations are very condensed (especially Japan) where as in the USA coverage needs to be provided over large wide areas of the country where there simply is a very small population. Verizon seems to have the best coverage while AT&T seems to have the fastest speeds. However, if you are in a populated area, any carrier should do just fine which includes the new no contract Ting carrier.

$50 coupon code for ting smartphonesIt is important to reiterate that the upfront cost of a no contract cellphone plan can seem expensive at first, however in the long term it will be significantly cheaper. Factoring in support, coverage and download speeds should also be considered. It is up to the subscriber to determine what is most important to them, even when price may well simply be the most important factor. Purchasing the newest smartphones without contract will indeed be more expensive, however the savings will still add up within the first year, and many times within the first 6 months depending on the type of smartphone you purchased.

However, since there is a growing trend to use a smartphone for online purchases, streaming and general web browsing, many times a smartphone will simply try to use a free wi-fi area or the wi-fi setup at home or in an office which will provide the fastest and most reliable speeds.

It is also interesting to note, that Ting who is a Canadian based cellphone carrier offering no contract smartphones to American residents with “pay for what you need” plans has it’s own Canadian citizens paying the most expensive mobile phone rates in the world. Ting is not able to offer their services in Canada…