Ting; Contract-Free Carrier Now Provides GSM Network

Including a GSM coverage map

The GSM network is now possible with the contract free mobile phone carrier Ting. Anyone with an unlocked GSM smartphone can use Ting services. In some cases a GSM SIM card may be required, however there are smartphones that can use the original SIM card such as with the Apple iPhone 4s for example.

This means that about 80% of all mobile phones manufactured in the last few years are able to use Ting services which was not possible before. Also worth noting, is that GSM and CDMA devices can use the same Ting account allowing users to pool resources and share minutes, messaging and megabytes without having to open separate accounts.

As no contract phones are becoming more popular Ting is at the front lines in offering attractive phones with some of the lowest monthly subscription plans available without sacrificing quality, service or performance.

What sets Ting apart is the ability for them to respond to customer service issues immediately with almost zero hold time and email support is also handled very quickly. That alone is a welcome change compared to many other 2-year contract providers.

There is also a GSM coverage map available here to ensure you receive the coverage you expect before placing an order. Usually depending on the device someone wants will decide if the GSM or CDMA network is the correct one. Before the GSM network was available, users were forced to have to choose a CDMA only mobile phone which limited their options.

Ting’s GSM network was not offered before extensive testing was conducted and obtained valuable feedback from thousands of users before offering GSM to the general public. This helped confirm which devices were compatible with GSM and to ensure switching from CDMA to GSM was also possible with the least amount of trouble.

It’s also important to make sure new customers and current ones with GSM smartphones use the Ting ESN checker here to ensure their phone works with Ting.

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