Social Media and Smartphones

The increasing rise of mobile social media

Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project has discovered that now 60% of cellphone owners access the Internet, over half send and receive emails and nearly 50% get directions, recommendations or other location information. Since social media usage on smartphones is increasing and becoming the norm, purchasing a smartphone that can multitask while sitting in front of the television is a must.

It’s easy to snatch up such a smartphone for less than $100 per month or even for free as long as you have a 2 year contract or use carriers such as Ting that make it easier to acquire a phone without any contracts and pay for only what you use. Even if you use less than you planned in a given month, you are provided a credit on your next phone bill.

According to KISSmetrics, social media use on cellphones and tablets has increased to the same number of devices as personal computers. This also includes the number of purchases made on a smartphone. More and more users make mobile ecommerce a part of their buying habits. and have increased their mobile payments by creating mobile friendly versions of their site that are simple, clutter free and fast loading.

Not having a good smartphone can make it difficult for something as simple as needing to find information on a product or to buy an item you have purchased several times before but don’t or can’t get to your computer to make this simple purchase. As smartphones become more popular and affordable with the help of carriers like Ting, many online browsers and shoppers can take advantage of mobile browsing.

Gartner predicts that the number of mobile devices has surpassed the number of desktop computers in 2013 already.

Some mobile phones seem to be made with a very heavy focus on social media since it is such a popular feature to have on a phone. It is not always necessary to have the latest phone since it will be the most expensive especially if you are looking into purchasing a no contract smartphone. There are several options such as buying a refurbished or used smartphone that can help a good deal on the sticker price shock on some newer mobile phones. The most popular phones at this time are the Samsung Galaxy, HTC EVO and HTC One and all are available at an attractive used price.

Another thing to consider is to look into 4G enabled smartphones since it will be the future of mobile networks in America. ABI research reports that 4G networks will overtake 3G networks by 2016 and carriers are making strong investments in 4G LTE networks, expecting annual growth by over 80% between 2013 and 2016.

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