No Contract Mobile Subscriptions for Small Business

Each additional line is just $6

A no contract cellphone subscription for businesses means several smartphones can be placed on one mobile account each with a different number with the Ting mobile carrierThis saves many small businesses each having to purchase a separate line and contract for each individual that wishes to use a cellphone with their own number. With the no contract smartphone carrier; Ting, one account can be purchased and essentially divided up into smaller accounts that all share the total number of minutes, texts and data allowed under that one plan. This way subscribers can save a considerable amount while sharing the main account. In addition to sharing a large account, if not all the minutes or data is used, the amount is credit back on the next month’s cellphone bill and even automatically placed on a smaller and cheaper account if needed. To get an idea on the savings that are possible, Ting has provided a simple and easy to use savings calculator to visually see the difference on payments from their plan to signing up each individual account separately. This can help significantly especially since many providers have a high “activation” fee for each phone. Their online smartphone savings calculator can show up to 30 devices at one time and the amount saved, but Ting does allow more devices to be used than that. There are actually an unlimited number of mobile phones that can be used under this one business plan. The savings on business cellphone subscriptions adds up significantly on this type of bundled, no contract smartphone plan.

For more details, Ting has a no hold and no transfers phone support system in place so it’s possible to talk to a real person almost immediately.

Ting also has a web based control panel that allows subscribers to keep tabs on which account within the business is using what and for how long or how much and sending out automatic notifications when a limit is reached set by the administrator of the company. Of course many businesses need 4G and LTE coverage for fast speeds when wifi is not available. Small businesses can also use these features under the same main account and there are no tethering fees if using a smartphone to another mobile device such as a notebook, iPad or laptop etc. For more information on Ting, please go here.

Need a contract-free smartphone solution?