2014 Smartphone Adoption Totals

2.5 billion smartphone subscribers predicted in 2017

As eMarketer has recently reported, global mobile phone users will continue their fast paced transition to smartphones as 3G and the newer 4G network coverage becomes more widely available and more affordable. 4G is becoming more economical and offered by more cellphone carriers as an added option or by default, depending if the smartphone supports 4G of course.

Emarketer is predicting that the global smartphone subscriber (or no contract subscriber) will grow to a total of 1.75 billion units in 2014 and will eventually hit 2.5 billion in 2017. This is an increase from 1.43 billion cellphones in 2013.

A growing issue for many smartphone users is their concerns for privacy and security. Emarketer reports that consumers are centralizing their lives more and more on their mobile devices. There can be a good deal of sensitive personal and even financial information in just one device that can pose a risk for both consumer and financial institutions. However, adding security steps can also hinder the ease of use for the mobile consumer creating a delicate balance between user friendliness and security.

On top of the growing number of mobile sales, Apple has reported that their App Store had an exceptional year in 2013. It’s customers spent more than $10 billion dollars on mobile applications and in December 2013 alone, nearly 3 billion apps were downloaded. That resulted in Apple having the most successful month in the App Store’s history.

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