Early Termination Fees

Minimizing your early termination fee

Don’t sweat it! Help’s available.

A new option has been made available to everyone who is in this same predicament. That is to simply switch over to Ting.com who will actually help cover your early termination fee of 25% up to $75 per device. This will simply be provided as a credit to your smartphone bill.

Just 3 easy steps when you make the switch to Ting.com with that dreaded early termination fee.


  1. Grab a device. Just grab a no contract cellphone or smartphone that you are interested in, which includes used, refurbished and new phones.
  2. Port your number. Then have your phone number ported over to the Ting wireless provider. This will also cancel your contract with your current provider.
  3. Submit your claim. Once these two steps have been completed you will receive a final bill from your previous carrier with the total that you owe. Simply send it over to Ting and they will make sure you receive the credit you are entitled to.
  • If you received a smart phone without an upfront cost or a very low fee for the phone, you are most likely in a 2 year contract with your current carrier and will likely have to pay an early termination fee in order to close your account.
  • If there are multiple cellphones being ported over to Ting, then you will receive 25% credit totaling up to $75 per line that you wish to transfer over to Ting. This is only for each mobile phone that has an early termination fee.
  • The credit will apply to those who are already Ting customers and those who have yet to sign up. If you wish to change number however, you will first need to port the number over to Ting from your old carrier. Once this is complete, you can change your number in your Ting account dashboard made available to all paying Ting customers 24 hour a day.

Unlock your 2 year contract!


Being locked into a 2 year contract on your cell phone is a hard pill to swallow, especially if you are maybe only half way through that contract. Many other wireless providers will allow you to terminate your contract early but with what is known as an evil early termination fee. This can make things even more frustrating when you are trying to get a better deal and save money every month on a smartphone but you are locked into a 2 year contract.

There would then usually be two options; terminate your contract early and pay the early termination fee, or wait up to 2 years until you can cancel your contract and only then start saving money every month.

Not all carriers have an easy to use account dashboard such as Ting’s. If you are not able to view your amount due online, you will need to wait a week or so for the bill to arrive in the mail. It’s easier to simply download your amount due with the early termination charge shown and send it in to Ting. Otherwise, scan or simply take a photo showing the fees and they will make sure you are credited the amount to your new Ting account. After filling out the Ting form it will take about 48 hours to be processed for you.

You can also bring your current smartphone over to Ting and use it on their network while still receiving the 25% credit. Just make sure it is a phone from a Sprint network.