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With Ting you get a Smartphone without contract and pay only what you use and nothing more.
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Pandora Radio

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Ting currently has a $25 off deal on their services adding to the savings on any smartphone. The $25 off coupon can apply to any new smartphone purchase or $25 line credit.

Smartphone stats
Constantly on the Rize

Smartphones are on the increase globally and in many cases even replacing desktop computers and laptops. They are becoming part of our everyday lives and are able to caryy out more tasks that we rely on to carry out our busy everyday lives.

Statistics also show smartphone users reading their emails on their mobile devices more than making phone calls. Websites are constantly optimizing their sites for mobile devices increasing load speed, user experience and improved ease of use.

The majority of digital advertising is now being targeted towards these same mobile devices. Most people with internet will simply have a smartphone too. Online businesses also know that their websites have to be optimized for the mobile user. Consumers tend to buy from businesses that have a better mobile experience.

The Graphs below show a constant increase of activity in the smartphone market as smartphones are being used throughout the day by individuals as well as only being used for certain tasks:

  • 80% of internet users use a smartphone 1 80% 80%
  • 50% of smartphone owners use their phones when waking up 2 50% 50%
  • 64% of Pinterest users acces the site with their smartphones 3 64% 64%
  • 48% of millenials view video only on smartphones 4 48% 48%
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